Big S good color is attributed to ” plan of group of ” (of 4 content soup)

2012-02-07 13:25:01

Big S good color is attributed to ” plan of group of “(of 4 content soup)

The netizen exploded on forum recently makings, show big S and Wang Xiaofei buy a room to meet with in Kunming refus, cause bound of Kunming real estate an in an uproar. Even somebody is curious it is which development business after all, let unexpectedly illustrious and famous ” size ” ate to shut door a thick soup. Estimation is little sister small S lives treasure of the Supreme Being, big S is unwilling also give the impression of weakness. Big S Wang Xiaofei two people job is so busy, fly everywhere all the day, dry run Kunming is so far buy a room to build love nest, be to want retired have the life like a haven of peace too?

Big S good color is attributed to

Outside conjecture big S ” had ” , if have BB really, rapid move buys a house also justifiable. S father also said, if true some word is right also, add on happy event happy event, her age is not small, be born at once.

Big S also calculates big girl, material of be a good fit as before lithe and graceful, the skin is sent closely as before, color is not poor also. Big S says this can want to be attributed to her to love greatly ” 4 content soup ” oh. Do you also envisage big S euqally beautiful? That tries at once.

Big S good color is attributed to

Enrich the blood raise soup of Yan Si content


1, chop is abluent behead piece, quick-boil water scoops;

2, angelica, cultivated land, the rhizome of chuanxiong, root of herbaceous peony each content is abluent;

3, the clear water in boil made of baked clay Bao, put all stuff, high heat boil, bao of fire of lard one’s speech with literary allusions a hour, next salt flavor can edible.

Effect: Enrich the blood regulate the menstrual function, embellish skin is raised hair, improve complexion cadaverous, skin is coarse wait for a state. (Responsibility edits: Peng Juan)

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