Compare the hairdressing cookbook with safer face-lifting

2012-02-07 13:08:12

LoveBeautiful, pursuit is beautiful, it is each the individual’s nature. The appearance of a person is beautiful, besides congenital element, acquired elaborate recuperation and maintaining is very important. The cosmetologist thinks, beautiful key ought to come from human body interior, a lot of is beneficial to the food with strong and handsome human body, to a person strong and handsome the effect that will have expect to be less than. For this, abroad offers the following and strong and handsome recipe about dietetics home. People is abided by go doing, will make a woman more beautiful, man more handsome, modern life is more good, happy.

Compare the hairdressing cookbook with safer face-lifting

Raise colour: Hairdressing is stationed in Yan Yukang to often be prevented declining is inseparable. Sunflower seed and pumpkin seeds contain a lot ofzinc, human body is short of zinc to be able to bring about the skin to give birth to furrow quickly. For this, people is chewed everyday feed seed of a few sunflower or pumpkin seeds, can make the skin bright and clean, defer the formation of furrow. In the meantime, everyday time takes a yangtao each, yangtao contains a lot ofvitamin C, conduce to haemal circulation, carry nutrient material to the skin better. And vitamin A can make the skin is full of flexibility, defer flabby. Animal liver, breast kind contain many vitamin A.

Beautify hair: The person arrives 30-40 year old, the hair begins ageing. And of the hair strong and handsome the key that is the United States, young period is about to give proper conserve. The egg contains a lot ofsulfur, eat 4 eggs every week, can make a hair bright lustre. Zinc the growth that with the vitamin B a group of things with common features can defer white hair. High protein food is like the flesh kind, fish, egg kind etc, deserve to go up again fresh vegetable, will have main effect to the thatch, because of the hair 97% comprise by corneous albumen.

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