What meat can eat during reducing weight

2012-02-07 13:04:23

This society advocates now than normal weight even the bodily form with thin fine, this gives all notting have the meat not joyous person placed a difficult problem, be to satisfy buccal desire, still go after health? Today, we look contented without the flesh not joyous person buccal desire and pursuit health can rise with uniting.

Without the flesh not joyous person, moster bodily form is fat. Since fat, want to reduce weight, this was formed want to eat the flesh to be afraid of the contradictory psychology that eats the meat again already, concern has the flesh to be able to make the body farther get fat, but do not eat the flesh to feed no less than pharynx again however. Do not have the flesh actually not joyous person also be OK eat some of meat appropriately kind. The following flesh kind suit edible relatively very much:

Rabbit meat

The composition of rabbit meat and average raise meat differs somewhat, its characteristic is: Contain protein more, every 100 grams contain protein in rabbit meat 21.5 grams; Contain adipose little, every 100 grams are contained only adipose 0.4 grams; Contain rich lecithin; Contain cholesterol less, every 100 grams contain cholesterol to have 83 milligram only. Because rabbit meat contains protein more, nutrient value is higher, contain adipose less, it is fat person’s idealer carnivorous.


The nutrient value of beef is next to rabbit meat, also be to agree with the flesh of fat person edible kind. Beef of every 100 grams contains protein 20 grams above, the indispensible and amino acid that beef protein contains is more, and contain adipose with cholesterol inferior, accordingly, suit fat person and hypertensive, hemal sclerosis, coronary heart disease and diabetic patient particularly right amount edible.

Cruelly oppress

Of average raise meat fattiness for saturated fatty acid, and of the fish adipose contain a variety of not saturated fatty acid however, have fall very well cholesterol action. So, it is better that fat person has fish, can avoid already fat, can prevent the happening of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease again.


Chicken of every 100 grams contains protein to be as high as 23.3 grams, adipose content has 1.2 grams only, lower than flesh of each stud stock much. So, eat some of chicken appropriately, not only be beneficial to human body health, also won’t cause fat.

Thin pork

Thin pork contains protein taller, every 100 grams can be as high as 29 grams, every 100 grams are adipose content is 6 grams, but after be being stewed via boiling, adipose content still can be reduced, accordingly, also suit fat person edible relatively.

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