Autumn haze can hurt lung to be able to be used ” cream ” tone

2016-09-30 16:22:44

Fall weather is dry, hurt lung easily, plus the weather of much mist haze, more make lobar dry ferry deficient, because this is in,autumn haze day raises lung special key. Zhang Zhong of shop of doctor of name of hill of gold of courtyard of Nanjing city traditional Chinese medical science loves division of director traditional Chinese medical science to warn a citizen, autumn raises lung, can try self-restrained ” cream ” .

Morning practice needs to wait for the sun to rise

Many old people have morning to practice be used to, and hold to all the year round, but Liang Dong of doctor of director of division of breath of courtyard of Nanjing city traditional Chinese medical science reminds, mist haze day is unsuited morning is experienced, after had better waiting for the sun to come out, go out again take exercise. When drilling because of morning, the oxygen tolerance that human body needs increases, the person’s breath is deepened, quickly, natural meeting the harmful material in more inspiratory mist, after content of inspiratory sex grain enters human body, these can be met mucous membrane of exciting respiratory tract, injure lung then, cause disease of human body respiratory system. Return respiratory tract of meeting enroach on to cause the inadequacy that feed oxygen, generation breath difficulty, bosom the undesirable symptom such as frowsty, heart-throb. Additional, have fog in the morning sometimes, ivory mist gives a person a kind of clean sense, there also are a large number of contaminants in mist actually, it can cause spirit way tall reaction, and in mist but the contaminant such as sulfur of inspiratory grain, 2 oxidation is asthma, chronic bronchitic basically cause an element.

If be haze all day long, the proposal cancelled that day outdoors take exercise, the choice is done indoors a few take exercise. If gave sun mist,came loose to be able to go out take exercise. Should notice to drink bit of boiled water appropriately before morning is experienced, compensatory moisture. Additional, take exercise in the winter should not be too intense, it is with the kind that takes quickly best.

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