Juice of celery snow pear is OK dispel acne

2016-09-20 15:55:29

Acne is much by internal heat, lung gloomy of damp and hot of hot, taste, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain is writtened guarantee be caused by. Action of poison of heat of cool and refreshing, dispel, platoon chooses conciously on food feed capable person, with proper methodological collocation edible, with respect to the goal that dispel acne reachs since the meeting. Harbin medical university is accessary expert of division of traditional Chinese medical science of the 4th hospital Professor Chen Jianguo recommends juice of pear of a celery snow to everybody.

The practice is as follows: Celery is right amount, tomato 1, xue Li 1, citric half. Abluent hind the agitate in putting fruit juice machine together becomes juice, daily and drinkable 1.

Some rich fiber are contained in celery, can filter the trash inside body, exciting body discharges poison, because body toxin accumulates the body skin damage that causes,make do effectively; Pleasant of tomato sex cool flavour is acerbity, but clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, contained Buddhist nun overcomes acerbity composition to be able to protect the skin; Xue Li can raise Yin Qing hot, fall fire promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid; Lemon contains nicotinic acid and rich organic acid, but antiseptic, eliminate pigment ad cool-headed, juice of 4 flavour agitate takes above together, the acne effect of all sorts of performance that damp and hot of hot to lung, taste causes is apparent.

With all dietotherapy square same, the action of juice of celery snow pear depends on inside tone, short-term getting effective is impossible, expensive holding to. But gastric ulcer, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretes woman of overmuch, period to should not be overmuch and drinkable. Dietotherapy at the same time, even avoid uses oil kind protect skin to taste, eat fat dirt less, all conduce to acne cure.

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