Fight the food that consenescence eats

2012-02-07 14:32:53

Introduction: What to fight consenescence to eat ” fight anile drug ” ? Eat pair of food, can prevent consenescence. The United States ” had eaten ” the magazine is newest carry civil say, consenescence of human body organ is different, different food is them actually ” fight anile drug ” .

What to fight consenescence to eat " fight anile drug " ?

Greenery dish makes cerebrum young 5 years old: After 25 years old, cerebrum can decrease successively 10 every years with the speed of 2% atrophic. ” neurology ” the magazine publishs a research to show, eat vegetable everyday (especially greenery is vegetable) two above, can make the person’s attention young 5 years old.

Yam, tomato defers skin consenescence: When many years old 20, skin collagen albumen is generated slower, dead skin cell falls off decelerate. Consider to make clear, tomato red element and β – carotene also conduces to cleared freedom base, prevent skin consenescence. Yam, carrot, Hami melon and greenery vegetable contain a lot ofβ – carotene; Tomato and watermelon contain rich tomato red element.

What to fight consenescence to eat " fight anile drug " ?

Prandial fiber prevents alvine path ageing: As anile acceleration, cell of nerve of sarcous of peristalsis of responsible bowel path is met gradually wither dies. because such, senile talent is more incidental constipation. Prandial fibrous action is the shift in making food more easily in gastric bowel. Suggest the male of above should absorb 30 grams everyday 50 years old prandial fiber, female everyday at least 21 grams are prandial fiber. All sorts of bread of whole valley food, whole wheat, fruit vegetable and legume contain a lot ofprandial fiber.

What to fight consenescence to eat " fight anile drug " ?

Deep-sea fish caresses an eye: The influence of ultraviolet ray and cigarette can bring about denaturation of senile sex yellow spot (AMD, of old people blindness one big advocate because of) danger is increased. But the food that contains a lot ofantioxidant conduces to prevent AMD. Multinomial research discovers, should prevent yellow spot denaturation this kind of eye is ill, had better absorb vitamin C and E, β more – element of carotene and zinc, lutein, jade cream-colored (the antioxidant that contains in yellow and green vegetable and yoke) and Ou Miga 3 fatty acid (contain more in deep-sea fish.

Muscle of tarry of low grease food group: After 30 years old, metabolic every 10 annual meeting are degressive 1% , 2% . Increase as the age, muscle metabolism drops gradually, the campaign that even if holds same is measured and absorb identical quantity of heat, also can cause system inside adipose accumulation. Choose low adipose food, conduce to prevent get fat.

What to fight consenescence to eat " fight anile drug " ?

Complete cereal is strong heart (reach hemal) : Increase as the age, heart and thickening of arterial blood tube wall harden, increase hypertension and thrombus risk thereby. Greek scientist considers to discover, food is close to Mediterranean food mode more, the incidence of a disease of fat of hypertensive, tall blood and fat disease is lower. Mediterranean food basically includes: Food of many fruit vegetable, whole valley, legume, fish, rasorial, milk products, olive oil and right amount bishop.

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