Spring preserve one’s health holds to 6 laws to give you good color

2012-02-07 14:28:25

Spring preserve one’s health holds to 6 laws to give you good color

[Introduction]Spring begins from the Beginning of Spring, rainwater of all previous classics, the Waking of Insects, spring equinox, Pure Brightness, Gu Yu in all 6 solar term, stop at the Beginning of Summer before today, spring this world enrages unripe hair, earth rejuvenescent, every phenomenon is newer, exuberant, it is the best season in a year. Common saying says ” The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring ” .

Accordingly, we must do the health care of preserve one’s health of good spring, lay next foundations for health of a year.

"Spring preserve one's health holds to 6 laws to give you good color

Principle one: Early spring season chooses the staple food with faster quantity of heat, pay attention to compensatory and enough protein

Early spring season, air temperature is colder still, human body needs to use up certain energy to maintain drive cold function. So, nutrient structure should be given priority to with high quantity of heat, outside dividing corn, still should choose the food such as soya bean, sesame seed, earthnut, walnut, so that complement in time energy material. Additional, because cold stimulation can make the protein inside body is decomposed,quicken, bring about airframe resistance to reduce and cause disease. Accordingly, compensatory and high grade protein still needs during early spring, wait like meat of egg, fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, rabbit and bean products.

Principle 2: Increase the fruit vegetables proportion in food appropriately, in order to absorb enough vitamin and inorganic salt

Spring, it is climate by cold turn warm season, air temperature change is bigger, bacterium, virus microbial begin to have a relapse, vigor is strengthened, violate human body easily and cause disease, like the quarrel with common spring phlogistic, glossitis, nyctalopia is mixed certain dermatosis. So, answer to increase fruit vegetables proportion appropriately on food, in order to absorb enough vitamin, if the fresh vegetable such as a variety of Chinese cabbage, cole, sweetbell redpepper, tomato is mixed,the fruit such as orange, lemon contains a lot ofvitamin C, the olive vegetable such as the action; carrot that has disease-resistant poison, three-colored amaranth contains a lot ofvitamin A, have protect and enhance mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and respirator official’s epithelial function, can enhance all sorts of counteractive sending the invades; to contain a lot ofvitamin E food of pathogeny element also answer edible, in order to improve function of human body immunity, enhance the disease-resistant ability of airframe. This kind of food has cabbage of sesame seed, cyan, cauliflower to wait.

"Spring preserve one's health holds to 6 laws to give you good color

Principle 3: Dietary appropriate is delicate, be bored with of avoid cooking oil, raw or cold food reachs excitant food

Spring is on animal food, answer to eat the fast adipose food such as fat less, after eating because of the stodge, easy generation full abdomen feels, human body also can produce fatigue phenomenon. Dietary appropriate is tepid, avoid raw or cold food. The person with cold stomach often can take bit of a surname, with drive cold warm stomach.

Principle 4: Spring food should save acid to add pleasant, in order to raise temper

Spring for in season of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, according to theory of the five elements of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, liver belongs to wood, lienal belong to earth, building photograph is overcome, namely liver flourishing can be hurt reach lienal, affect lienal digestive function. And the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the five flavors enters the five internal organs, and acid enters liver, pleasant is entered lienal, because of this, spring food build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food, appropriate chooses Gan Wenzhi to taste, avoid is acerb, main with benefiting disposition is given priority to,

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