Darling gum much mom uses folk prescription ” clear heat ” cause blindness nearly

2017-03-30 14:57:29

The eye is interior window, but the window of darling was held off by gum however! There is not little mom to discuss in Mom net, darling gum is much, fizzle out all round the eye a yellow, some is not opened badly even to the eye of darling, anxious got mom to drop many hairs. Among them, not little mom thinks darling gum is much, because,be ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” bring about, fall to darling fire is good.
Be really ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” so simple?

The darling gum that just was born is much, mother conceives is ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” be caused by, spent folk prescription gives baby ” clear heat ” , honeysuckle of the milk of eye drop mother that gives the child, daub water, with eye of the boiled water, bath that clean out rice. The method is spent, the problem of child eye not only did not solve, appeared instead red, bring about conjunctivitis finally.

The expert expresses, when discovering increase of child eye secretion, the case that the parent should note to observe whether the child’s eye appears to congest aglow, if have aglow, probable the inflammation that is an eye is brought about, had better see a doctor to hospital ophthalmology examination. Do not want absurd to fall to darling oneself ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” conclusion.

What does the reason with darling much gum have?

One, new student dacryocystitis

New student dacryocystitis is in commonly day of the 1-7 after baby is born or later time comes on, because nose tear stains is jammed,basically be, tear and bacterial accumulation are in be located in inside in the lachrymal bursa below canthus skin, thereby afterwards sends infection. Often be in lubricious secretion of occurrence Huang Bai in canthus, extruding apophysis place has secretion of sex of yellow white pus to spill over.

Answer a method:

1, massage for darling alleviate symptom. Show with big toe or forefinger the abdomen is oppressive lachrymal bursa, those who press the nose root in darling and eye inside place of center of corner of the eye, arrange the fluid of directional extruding pus of hour hand, the canthus of darling can have current of one part pus to come out, rub-up can.

2, dot antibiotic eye ointment or eyedrops. If the circumstance did not alleviate, can be in of the doctor know antibiotic eye ointment or eyedrops a little bit. When drop eyedrop, the canthus outside answering to drip liquid medicine. If double eye all wants a drug, should drip first a side with smaller pathological change, drip again more serious a side, intermediate best and removed 3~5 minute.

3, when should be massaged and guarding cure to disable, can be in darling after 6 months, undertake probing to the hospital.

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