The food of blacklist is included after be pregnant

2017-07-27 13:27:25

Eat goods to permit mother as, the biggest liability is in charge of Pull in your ears! namely! Tubal Pull in your ears! ! Tubal Pull in your ears! ! Adverse to all darling food should learn to refuse, but this very difficult really control. What cannot eat after be pregnant? Most propbably this is a lot of female friends that pregnant Mom is first are met special want to know, so below follow small make up look together!

Pregnancy food blacklist, greediness also cannot eat!

All sorts of Biedermeier food: For instance flesh of bittern of duck neck, pickles, corrupt, bittern, place time to cross long meal, nutrient material is met gradually loss, and possible meeting generation is right all sorts of fetal and harmful inorganic salt, for instance inferior saltpetre ammonium salt.

Weigh taste food: For instance the excitant food such as chili, Chinese prickly ash. These food use up alvine path moisture easily to make not only of digestive juice secrete decrease, cause pregnant Mom gastralgia, haemorrhoid and constipation easily still, if be before buy is placental, expedite hematic flow possibly still, increase haemorrhage liability.

Souse food: For instance banger, ham, bacon, bloat dish, the flesh kind in souse process, loss of vitamin of B a group of things with common features more and salinity is overweight, burden of kidney of can aggravating matrix. If edible the food that does not have souse to appear, because its nitrite content is exorbitant, can produce chemical reaction with the haemoglobin in blood, reduce the capacity carrying oxygen of haemoglobin, bring about the mother’s body thereby anoxic.

The food with more additive: The snack such as convenient cover, can is for instance maigre food and beverage. Fastfood food contains more salinity and gourmet powder, and vitamin and mineral content are few, belong to rubbish food, often edible can be caused dehydration and have a headache. Beverage besides contain additive agent for food, still contain many sugar, nutrient value is low.

Fry: For instance the deep-fried twisted dough sticks, hotpot that bake is strung together etc, the food of blast of decoct of this kind of high temperature often contains a few carcinogenic substance, to the mother’s body and action of embryonic and poisonous sex. And too the stodge is stodgy, accentuation is pregnant earlier intestines and stomach is unwell, kill happy symptom.

Unripe feed or half ripe kind of food: Give birth to piscine birthday department, half ripe flesh for instance kind wait for food. Department of raw fish birthday, unripe oyster and the milk that disinfects without high temperature, unripe or soft-boiled flesh kind, contain a large number of microbial bacteria, virus or helminth possibly, produce bromatoxism to will endanger mother and fetal health, pregnancy also does not suggest edible.

The coffee, coke beverage that contains coffeine: Can affect fetal heartbeat and breath through placenta, at the same time easy exciting hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted, aggravating intestines and stomach is unwell symptom. And coffee has the addition effect that causes monster to smoke, wine, so pregnant woman had better avoid, or the choice does not have the coffee of coffeine or replace these beverage with milk, fresh fruit juice.

Certain sea product: For instance crab, soft-shelled turtle. Flavour is delicious, but its sex is cold cool, have the meritorious service of Yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood, reason is adverse to pregnant woman, especially crab claw, have apparent abort effect. Especially the abort force of turtle shell is more powerful than turtle flesh.

Two pairs palace has excited effect: For instance hawkthorn, pregnant woman surfeit can make an uterus contractive, the likelihood causes miscarriage, friend should take less; Palace of Yi benevolence two pairs makes the same score slippery flesh to have excited effect, can make uterine systole, have the possibility that induces abortion consequently; Purslane can make contractive number increase, intensity increases the uterus, easy cause miscarriage.

It what pregnancy eats is good that what pregnancy eats

The first month:

Folic acid

Additional folic acid can prevent anaemic, premature delivery, prevent fetal deformation and nerve organ defect. Be pregnant especially earlier, folic acid is having crucial effect to neurological development.

Food of folic acid correspondence:

1, corn edibles: Oaten, broomcorn, rice, flour, for example biscuit, noodle, steamed bread, muffin;

2, vegetable: Lettuce, spinach, tomato, carrot, green vegetables, asparagus, cauliflower, cole, a variety of Chinese cabbage, hyacinth bean, legume, dawdle;

3, fruit: Fresh fruit orange, strawberry, cherry, banana, citric, peach, plum, apricot, Yang Mei, Chinese flowering crabapple, wild jujube, hawkthorn, pomegranate, grape, yangtao, strawberry, pear, Hu Tao;

4, the flesh kind: Flesh of the liver of the animal, kidney, birds and egg kind, wait like pork liver, chicken, beef, hotpot;

5, legume, firm fruit: Soya bean, bean products, walnut, cashew, chestnut, almond, pine nut.

The 2nd month:

Vitamin C /B6

Vitamin C can alleviate gum bleeds, increase strength. Vitamin B6 is to alleviate of gravid vomiting during pregnancy.

Vitamin C corresponding food:

1, the fresh vegetable that contains vitamin C: Seedling of liver mosses of a variety of Chinese cabbage, cole, cole, laver liver mosses, three-colored amaranth, celery, Chinese toon, balsam pear, beautiful dish, chili, young soya bean, pea, lotus root;

2, potherb: Purslane, wild three-colored amaranth, dandelion, make tea wait;

3, the fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C: Bright jujube, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, grapefruit, orange, orange, citric, strawberry, persimmon, mango, yangtao, longan, some wild fruit vitamins common fruit makes C content prep above multiple, if prick pear, pomegranate, the fruit of Cherokee rose,wait.

Vitamin B6 corresponding food:

1, vegetable melon fruit: Firm fruit, muskmelon of soja, pea, spinach, red jujube, walnut, cantaloup, honey, loquat, potato, yam, longan, medlar, United States (Cantaloupe) , wild cabbage dish.

2, the flesh kind: Especially chicken and fish, it is animal liver next, still have an egg kind.

3, five corn: Wheaten bran, maltose, useless gooey (the gooey that multiplies from the abstraction in raw material is saccharic) , unpolished rice, oaten.

The 3rd month:

Vitamin A

Stimulative embryo darling grows development. Vitamin A is concerning the health of path of bowel of fetal skin, stomach and lung.

Vitamin A corresponding food:

Natural vitamin A the animal sex such as product of the liver of consist in animal, fish, sea, butter and egg food;

The carotene that plant institute contains enters human body, vitamin A can is in the change in liver. The food that contains a lot ofcarotene basically is orange yellow and green vegetable. First class of spinach, carrot, leek, cole, shepherd’s purse, horse orchid.

The 4th month:


Ensure the development of the vitals such as fetal heart, head, prevent fetal baby development undesirable. But unfavorable and overmuch complement.

Zincic correspondence food:

The food with zincic high volume has shellfish of lean lean, pork liver, fish, yoke, unripe oyster, ostracean, hepatic, a kind of dried mushroom, sesame seed, bare. Containing zinc to measure highest food among them is unripe oyster and oyster.

The 5th month:

Vitamin D / is calcic

The development of skeleton of stimulative embryo darling and tooth. Enter this month, infantile skeleton and tooth grow faster, to calcic demand leap.

Calcic corresponding food:

1, breast kind with dairy produce: Condensed milk of grandma of flocks and herds and its milk powder, cheese, yoghurt.

2, legume and bean products: Soya bean, young soya bean, hyacinth bean, horsebean, bean curd, bean curd doing, skin of soya-bean milk, fermented bean curd.

3, sea product: Crucian carp fish, carp, silver carp, loach, shrimp, dried, crab, kelp, laver, clam, holothurian, river snail.

4, the flesh kind with birds egg: Dried meat floss of egg of head of hotpot, pig, chicken, egg, quail, duck’s egg, preserved egg, pig.

5, greengrocery: Tassel of celery, cole, carrot, turnip, sesame seed, caraway, black agaric, dawdle.

The 6th month:


Prevent to be short of iron sex anaemia, the nutrient need quantity of right now accurate mom and fetal darling is jumping, want those who add iron element to absorb.

Iron correspondence food:

1, coarse food grain contains iron to measure prep above flour and rice: Beans of the soya bean in dry beans, egg, cowpea contains iron much;

2, vegetable, especially greenery dish, wait like a variety of Chinese cabbage, cole, shepherd’s purse, fennel, celery, not only contain iron to pledge, still contain vitamin C and carotene.

3, dried fruit and hard fruit also contain more iron to pledge: If longan flesh is considered as to enrich the blood all along,beautiful is tasted, actually the place such as apricot doing, currant contains iron quantity to surpass longan pork.

4, the place such as dish of kelp, black agaric, hair, laver contains iron to compare milk to want tower above character close thousandfold.

The 7th month:

Cerebral gold

The material such as DHA, EPA and cerebral phosphatide, lecithin closes together, be called ” cerebral gold ” , assure infantile cerebra and retinal normal growth, prevent fetal stunt.

“Cerebral gold ” food:

Contain a lot ofin the life ” cerebral gold ” 8 kinds of food are respectively: Fish, fat, soja, agaric, banana, milk, garlic, Xian Xing, in addition the firm fruit food such as the walnut that contains a lot ofacid of natural linoleic acid, flax, pine nut, sunflower, almond, filbert, earthnut, in addition still include oil of sea fish, fish oil, alga to wait, contain a lot ofDHA kind food, be helpful for development of darling cerebra nerval

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