Darling complementary feed add should avoid 3 kinds of mistakes ” mix build “

2016-12-20 17:38:48

Scientific complementary feed collocation to be able to help darling health grow. Undeserved food collocation can give baby bring unwell perhaps destroy alimental nutrition part. Below of 3 kinds of mistakes complementary mom should avoid feed collocation.

Darling complementary feed a mistake to mix build one: Mud of cruelly oppress of fruit mud &

Darling complementary fruit and fish always won’t be lacked in the sheet that eat food. Because the fruit is contained,rich vitamin is mixed mineral, conduce to adjust darling is metabolic, enhance Bob ah immune force, and the fruit has tasted, digest easily, so all sorts of fruit mud and fruit juice are darling complementary the frequenter of the sheet that eat food. And fish contains rich protein and DHA, conduce to darling cerebra and eye development, be in so of darling complementary position also was taken in feeding detailed list.

But the cruelly oppress mud that contains rich protein and the fruit mud that contain tan to pledge are unfavorable eat together, because this can reduce protein nutrient value not only, can make the protein in choice seafood and tan are united in wedlock character even. This kind of material can stimulate mucous membrane, form stodgy material, make darling appears the symptom such as bellyacke, vomiting.

Darling complementary feed a mistake to mix build 2: Mud of tomato of & of pork liver mud

Pork liver contains a lot ofcopper, iron to wait mineral have filling liver to raise effect of blood, bright purpose. Tomato contains rich vitamin C to oxidize inside darling body important adjustment rises in reductive metabolization reaction action. These two kinds of food are beneficial to the health of darling, but ” mix build ” rise nutrient value can sell at a discount greatly.

Pork liver and tomato are unfavorable commensal is main the reason is the cupreous element that pork liver contains a lot of, iron element, ion of these two kinds of metals can destroy the vitamin C that tomato contains a lot of.
Tomato contains rich vitamin C, the vitamin is destroyed easily when be heated gets light, relatively stable in acidity solution (PH ” 4) , extremely flabby in neuter and alkalescent solution calm. Special in have minim metal ion (the ion that be like copper, iron ion) when existence be oxidized more easily to decompose, even if the cupreous ion of minim also can make speed of vitamin C oxidation accelerates 1000 times. Element of copper, iron is contained to abound in pork liver, copper is contained in pork liver of every 100 grams 2.5 grams, iron 25 milligram, can make vitamin C oxidizes to lose original function for dehydrogenation vitamin C, both is so unfavorable feed together.

Darling complementary feed a mistake to mix build 3: Mud of vegetables of fruit of carrot mud &

Recent research discovers, carrot contains rich carotene, can transform inside body vitamin A, to promoting the infant’s growth development reachs the effect with maintain normal vision function to have very main, and the taste of carrot also is most darling place love, accordingly carrot mud became darling complementary those who feed choose commonly. The fruit vegetables with all sorts of vitamin C rich content complementary feeding also is darling complementary feed additive frequenter.

Both each has his strong point, eat to be able to offer high grade nutriment for darling alone, however, both sweep the deck not only the effect that cannot have to supplement each other, meet instead interact the absorption of each other nutriment.

Carrot shoulds not be as vegetable as what contain a lot ofvitamin C (wait for) like spinach, cole, beautiful dish, tomato, chili, fruit (wait like hawkthorn, mandarin orange, citric, strawberry, jujube) feed together destroy vitamin C, reduce nutrient value. In addition, if both feed together, produce many sulfur hydracid very quickly via the meeting inside metabolization rear body, can restrain the formation of thyroid element, and block up thyroid gland is right absorb iodicly, be caused thereby or bring about strumous.

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