Accurate mother has 3 kinds of fruits to let luster of your skin Bai Xi

2016-11-10 14:38:51

After be pregnant, as a result of the change of the hormone inside body, skin of a few stain, some people also meets chairman of pregnant mammy skin by black, same beauty fair-skinneds in vain before unlike. And after having baby, dare not be without like before scruple the ground protects skin product with a few hairdressing, fear to have side effect to darling so. That has what idea, good to darling, and can is the United States white? Eat these beautiful white fruits more.

For the pregnant woman that does not have stain to facial ministry, had done prevent bask in can maintain skin Bai Xi, but if had had stain or skin the pregnant woman of dark heavy phenomenon, still must add ability of beautiful white product to make the skin whiten.

Had done prevent bask in the job, this can prevent skin pigment to precipitate on certain level. Although SPF cost prevents the effect that bask in higher to had been jumped over, but SPF cost is higher, excitant stronger, cause skin easily dry. Value of proposal choice SPF is a bit lower, so excitant a few less pregnant woman for a special purpose is prevented bask in things.

Actually, state of postpartum melanin precipitation and age, body is concerned, accordingly, c of vitamin of complement of right amount ground is those who avoid to allow mom to blacken is important one pace. Recommend accurate mom to use a kind of simple and feasible beautiful white method: 1 cup of warm boiled water are drunk first after daily early morning gets up, after had eaten breakfast, take capsule of E of a vitamin and 3 vitamins C, ensure of 1 day of 1 bottle milk absorb, can make the person looks magical quiet gas feel well.

Grape: The help improves your color of skin

The grape is quite good fruit, it contains iron, phosphor, calcic, organic acid, lecithin, carotene and vitamin B1, C to wait, pregnant woman if on the low side of inadequacy of redness of skin, blood pressure, loop hands or feet of bad, winter is frozen, eat a grape to be able to help improvement more, more special is, if pregnant woman has the appearance of haemorrhage, the grape still has the effect that install an embryo, and can help fetal growth.

Eat a grape to had better not go seed flay, otherwise nutrient value can sell at a discount greatly. Of the proposal having a way is to hit juice to drink, first will fresh grape is abluent (notice grapy the base of a fruit wants to be cut with scissors, cannot use those who unplug) bubble brine, reoccupy toothpaste is cleaned, finally with juice is being made after cold boiled water is abluent. Usable tall revolution is much make a few time, reoccupy gauze is squeezed forcibly, won’t filter seed completely quite so, because grape seed is provided,fight oxidation, undesirable to haemal circulation or the skin is bad, can improve effectively.

Apple: Help you be far from a disease

This does not do not have a truth. Because the apple contains a variety of vitamins (include A, B, C to wait) , acerbity tannic acid of iron, phosphor, pectic, adipose, mineral, apple and fine fibre, its are magical action is as follows:

A lot of pregnant woman are afraid of fat, eat an apple to be able to prevent more excessive and fat, be opposite at the same time fetal development is very helpful.

The apple also is provided to defecate adjust action, but average person can have eat an apple the apprehension of easy constipation, because the tannic acid in the apple has convergent effect,this is, if can gross eats together, no matter constipation or have loose bowels can be improved, the hard pregnant woman that gets constipation mights as well much trial and error.

Female color of common bosom pregnant woman is bad, concern with anaemia more, eat an apple ameliorable, so the apple holds a hairdressing effect concurrently again.

Cherry: Iron is qualitative the richest

In all fruits, the iron that contains in cherry is qualitative particularly rich, content is 20 times of apple, orange, pear almost, and it returns a bag to contain carotene (more than grape, apple, orange 4-5 times) , vitamin B1, B2, C and citric acid, calcic, phosphor, much edible can enrich the blood and adjust function of intestines and stomach.

If pregnant woman appetite not beautiful, should eat cherry more more, very helpful to fetal meeting, a lot of pregnant woman often eat cherry, the darling that be delivered of has ruddy cheek more.

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