Darling is pressed need feed to eat recipe grandma to want to drink bit of water

2016-06-20 17:06:22

Guide language: Civilian it is a day in order to feed, a young also is with feeding big. Eat well darling ability grows well, how the first class major issue that darling of feed new student became a family. How long to feed, otherwise should drink water, milk powder to want how to eat, pat a back to want how to be patted wait feed problem a moment, make the parent big nerve-racking. Feed problem need not anxious, just see the article have reason oneself.

Note of mother milk feed

1, by want raise: Want darling to want to eat only, OK at any time feed. And if mom goes up suddenly,suckle, and the child agrees to eat, also can feed, and not constrained denied then ” booked time ” , this is pressed namely want raise. Press wanting raise is a new student one of feed principles.

2, feed is removed: As a result of the new student gastric capacity has 30ml left and right sides only, so every time grandma quantity is met very few. Grandma quantity is little, add in the stomach retention period is brief, the child is very fast easy hunger. So, two hours or so it is very normal to feed a grandma. The time of feed and frequency are met be brought up and adjust as darling. Be born the head nurses 8 ~ two weeks 12 times everyday is us recommend nurse a frequency. Want the 2nd month roughly, darling just can be lengthened to 2. 5 ~ feed a grandma 3 hours, at this moment his gastric capacity already amounted to 100 milliliter above, absorbed grandma put the time that take to lengthen in the stomach.

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