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  •  Of earthnut crisp sweet, the hemp that the beans spends is hot, deserve to go up green green chopped green onion is particularly inviting.

    The way that hemp hot beans spends, how is flower of hemp hot beans done delicious

    Advocate makings: The beans spends 100g of 400g, pignut.

    Complementary makings: Valve of Pi county beans 2 big spoon, green spoon of spoon of 1-2 of pink of 1 root, Chinese prickly ash, candy 1/2 spoon, gallinaceous essence 1/2.

       The way that hemp hot beans spends:

    1. Green cuts bead to had had.

    2. Sesame seed is fried sweet, earthnut puts oily boiler bomb sweet, drop does oil to reserve.

    3. The oil below additional boiler puts slow fire of valve of Pi county beans to fry a red oil.

    4. Put fabaceous flower, jolty boiler makes sauce infiltration beans beautiful in, the 1-2 that boil minute.

    5. Put ripe pignut, chopped green onion, add essence of life of pink of Chinese prickly ash, candy, chicken, mix is even can.

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