The day of clear suffering

My for a long time did not acquire the dress. Husband 30 years old of birthday when, my preparation gives husband a surprise, send him a business suit. But, market turns circuit, of husband settle on is the business suit of on 1000 price, must stop. But for this home, for our son, boil again, not a few years, house loan still was over, the son also goes up elementary school, to moment, I make up for me well again of owing husband.

This also is to do not have method, since bought a house, had the child, this day seesNervous. The movie that I still remember so that look with husband recently is Huang Bo ” bullfight ” ; Be worked in the same place to pull public house by husband last time, knew ” of a cup of 40 yuan “ pretty beautiful woman, it is the family entertains guests to just dare drink; More never mention it the family eats a meal outside or go out travelled. I do not have the cosmetic with good what, more never mention it go doing hairdressing.

Look at the body of form of day gradual change, think of oneself just passed 30 years old to become yellow face old woman, do not get on even woman of half old Xu quite, me anxious, more never mention it husband. Last, husband did Zhang Jian to get stuck personally to me, let me go thin thin body, as it happens catchs up with gymnastical center to organize fulfil guest activity, I feel sexual price is compared pretty good, drilled a month. But, when card wanting add, I abandoned —— again charge touchs the fitness of a month to go up the son eats powdered milk of a pail of entrance.

Gradually, I also feel the communication with husband is little. If the son sends there parents, husband can not talk one day; Even if sleeps together, husband touchs me not actively also; Occasionally, I push him intentionally, husband also is the appearance of interest dull. I won’t suspect Laogong has an affair, there is a minute of money almost in his bag, issued a class to come home, present woman, how to meet settle on such feel vexed man? But what is husband all day long thinking?

One day, husband says suddenly to me, let me buy an underwear, still see the picture of this kind of underwear on the net to me. This looks to be not hit close, foul smell gets my face bright red. I angry, original, antrum of from morning till night does not leave, the husband that air does not vent, considering the issue of these dirty all the day.

I say to husband, like a young lady to search to the outside from height, do not comeDisgustingI! Present man how, how to go up to the net those XLPornographyis plaything interested so? Can these thing take when the meal? One 30 several have wife have old man, is idea used after all what place be?

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