Orange of —— of folic acid of 1. much complement kind fruit, vegetable

Often complement the female of folic acid, the meet with that can reduce ovarian cancer suffers from rate. Through researcher discovery, often eat contain a lot offemale of folic acid alimental, suffer from on the odds of ovarian cancer is reduced than having woman of folic acid alimental less 74% , visible, much more additional folic acid, can reduce sicken odds, still can maintain ovarian.

  E of vitamin of 2. vitamin C+

Compensatory and enough vitamin C and vitamin E can maintain not only ovarian, and still combat the anile, effect that holds young position to arriving since human body. Research makes clear, take the vitamin C of 90 milligram and the vitamin E of 30 milligram everyday, the odds that can make meet with contracts ovarian cancer decreases 50% , besides complement through food, taste pill through health care even or preparation will complement.

  3. eats bean curd more

Many vegetable protein is contained in bean curd, soya-bean milk, let ovarian stronger, ovum is more healthy. But must eat the bean curd that boil, the edible of decoct bean curd contains not saturated fatty acid in oil, can destroy vegetable protein active, let health reduce cent. Eat one pannikin bean curd everyday enough, excessive vegetable protein can bring a burden to the kidney.

  4. period pays attention to filling iron

Menstruation, classics blood can take away a large number of iron elements in the body, and iron can offer enough nutrient for ovum. Because this menstruation eats the Gao Tie food such as spinach, pluck more, ability is right ovarian rise to maintain action, make ovum more healthy.

  5. edible contains a lot ofthe food of plant sex estrogen

The food with edible VE more content, for instance soya-bean milk, soya-bean milk can increase estrogen, to protecting nursling palace is mixed ovarian have very good curative effect. Hit soya-bean milk to drink everyday with soja, ormosia, black soya bean, the means of the estrogen of compensatory plant sex that is special safety, answer to hold to for a long time.

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