Total meeting explodes on news now piece such-and-such go which see a netizen (action prostitute) , was jumped by celestial being. ThisCelestial being jumps what meaning? Celestial being jumps is an adjective, not be have the nerve, spoken parts in an opera is by hole. Specific forCelestial being jumps what meaningCan explain to in be, be covered. The friend asked, why be called celestial being to jump by person hole? Unreasonable, fasten anxious, everybody gives the explanation belowCelestial being jumps what meaning, tell everybody to be jumped how to do by celestial being, celestial being jumps howPlaceManage.

   One, what meaning is celestial being jumps?
   Celestial being jumps era is to point to use chasing psychology to design a kind of trap for people, the behavior of diddle gold. The common in Cantonese says ” catch yellow foot chicken ” (this name is familiar at Hong Kong and Macao) . Altogether, like to eat free lunch, encounter celestial being the most easily to jump the thing that waits for suffer unexpected personal financial losses to enrol calamity.
   Celestial being jumps, be engaged in the head of bawdy activity, some kind of psychology that some men seduce (it is to look for hooter) normally, two people are in a certain place, preparation does a few obscure business to trade, at that time, woman partner, it is the male normally, appear suddenly before, go to do not allow a business, to get, lascivious person can give a partner money, their purpose is achieved blackmail.

   2, does celestial being jump what meaning? What celestial being jumps is genetic
   At the beginning of dream of approach of this word out ” 2 quarter strike the table coils amazedly 14 ” . Shi Yun: ? Fly acetic impaludism Shun says collect of  of  of Mu Xing Liang refineds the head pounds frame V emperor and uglying? of Mou Hui of vulgar of Chinese torreya of travel of leech  brandish is in conceal machine cannot ask ” general idea is, the love of the man on the world and woman, it is human nature, but the generation of a little crafty apprentice, ganef, borrow this intentionally to go must greedy love joy, the design becomes a trap, alluring child a good family, con and much money, that is to say, “Igneous corner. Arrived clear generation, of the government ” celestial being jumps ” one word was born.
   It is one kind uses a woman to come the trap of kite. Be mixed by the man for instance two people collude with the woman, the woman is usedPornographyCome accost man, when two people make love to the hotel, before be being gotten on by the man again, blackmail forcibly. Planting because of this methodological a curious coincidence, a curious coincidence lets a person cheat also Zhang Erhe is still muddleheaded, connect the destiny that the immortal escapes to be kidnapped hard, fell into trap to also jump out, place jumps with calling celestial being later.

   3, how to encounter celestial being to jump to do? Celestial being jumps how to be handled
   1, must come down chatting evidential record, think method calls the police, think method stalls the other side, to oneself time calls the police, give a police evidence.
   2, good precautionary measures had better be done before the friend that leaves you the address, in case produce an accident, they can help you.
   3, had better not mix strangerAppointment. This is the action that has a risk extremely.

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