At present a lot of families have a child, a lot of families are sedulous go teaching the child, this is a very good thing originally, but a lot of trouble can appear when a lot of parents are having education to the child, return the some parent education to the child the method is fussily, in the final analysis, the educational method that is parents is not quite accurate, after all what education is correct? We look together.

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 1, undertake through recreational book the gender is taught

The child is inferior to adult in the sexual knowledge savvy of childhood period, while parents is undertaking the gender is taught, should notice to teach methodological choice, avoid by all means is dogmatic of type move theory forcedly, the caricature old practice that should combine the child to like takes the chance to insert a topic to explain to the child. At present teenage sexual knowledge basically originates companion, books and periodicals and maize sound resemble goods waiting, these wrong gender knowledge allow easy misdirect they. And the education that the school concerns sexual respect now, be begin from 4 grade, put in science course to explain. Male woman student is when the knowledge that tell a gender give lessons apart, this one form did not change a lot of years.

  2, avoid by all means talks about sexual color to change

Of homeSexual cultureWhat still do not have abroad is so open, major person won’t put sexual issue on the desktop to be talked about wantonly. Same argument also is in the family, the parent won’t say sexual problem to the child at ordinary times, if the child asks this matter is to escape not to reply more, even rebuke child. The psychology of this pair of children and unripe tonsorial Yo are adverse, to the child the development in the future has very big effect. Sexual precocity while, sexual psychology is backward however, bring about sexual ignorance necessarily. Parents and teacher talk about sexual color to change, blindly scared, do one’s utmost evasive, this is not active and effective settle way, if there’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t lets sexual education walk into classroom as early as possible, make ground of open, calm accepts adolescent healthy, scientific sex education, can make children are benefited all one’s life.

   3, the flexibility of gravity of avoid by all means

Parents do not regard sexual problem as a very serious issue is talked about with the child, the world of children was full of comedy, if seriously talk about a gender, can lose the child’s interest only, go against what the gender teachs to carry out.

  4, afraid sex teachs measure problem in the process

Many parents can fear he engraft to the child sexual knowledge when can exceed him this age paragraph the knowledge that should master, can be opposite the child’s development is influential. Actually, the child also is successive to intellectual control, although the sexual knowledge of parent education is overmuch, the child also not likely can master. So parents need not worry. Each age paragraph the question that raises has difference, once understand, the child won’t resemble a scientist absolutely that get to the bottom of sth traces to the source. Child of 34 years old may resemble a seed growing in mom’s abdomen to ” darling such ” answer is satisfactory now and then masturbation won’t be opposite the boy that; is opposite 934 years old body generation hinders greatly, regular meeting pacifies the heart that its move restlessly, he won’t go further what the kind that asks you masturbation has likely.

After we knew these methods, parents knew how to teach the child, might as well try, if the child has a good educational method, to the child growing is to have very great help.

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