We toSexual loveknow even if simple sex is contented, should satisfy only what don’t have to be experienced otherly, still containing the element of sexual morality in deep administrative levels of sexual love actually, what is sexual morality, this is a kind of understanding that has profound meaning, need presents this kind of content with a kind of argument. Morality of extensive meaning neutral is a kind among them, sexual morality to each person it is important.

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(One) , ashamed feeling

Ashamed feeling is a person feels bashful to the behavior of his behavior or other a kind of feeling with disgrace. In treating sexual behavior, ashamed feeling is more outstanding and special.

The animal does not have ashamed feeling, ashamed feeling is human place is peculiar. To the mankind, this ashamed feeling also is not inherent, however as grow in family, society, disturb and form what suffer culture setting gradually. For example cheeper does not have ashamed feeling to nude.

The Christian story that start a life, adam and Eve also do not have ashamed feeling so, days of whole nude gets along, but without evil thought, play all day. After eating forbidden fruit stealthily, produced ashamed move, obscure with fig leaf oneself be ashamed is in then.

Ashamed feeling is the assurance of sexual behavior on the rails. Just think if people does not have ashamed feeling, human sexual behavior is immersed in troubled waters. Human sexual behavior has catholicity, importance, long-term sex, concealment the feature such as gender, actuation sex, exclusiveness and earnest sex. And ashamed feeling is had to the much of afore-mentioned features ensure and promote action.

Because morality of human sexual behavior, sex has the adjustment of ashamed feeling, just have a kind of privacy and hidden demand to sexual organs, have the knowledge of a kind of selfishness and individual to sexual behavior, just make sexual activity is in of a specific safety, concealment, undertake in the individual’s place. Anyhow, existing because of what there is ashamed feeling in sexual practice, the development of the dignity of ability somebody and human culture. Otherwise, human criterion as good as at the animal.

(2) , voluntary move

Voluntary move is to show conjugal couple has pair of the other side to be in respectivelySexual life, the society lives should the consciousness of do one’s duty. What the mutual and contented, marriage that this includes sexual life concerns is relatively stable, in the mutual support of respect of economy, disease, calamity. Sexual obligation feels, have pilot of a kind of ego to adjust function. The society is different, the sexual obligation of couple of male and female feels not identical also. For example is in old China feudal society, it is of appropriative man that sexual obligation of the woman feels discharge desire tool, or pass a tool that receives era as multiply children, and voluntary move of the man is as the woman economically support, although serve as the man of ordinary common people,also raise a burnt mouth ” to be with “ oneself. The sexual obligation between some men and womens feels is to build on monetary concern dally with each other just. The voluntary move of couple of male and female is built only in equality of men and women this one basic in principle just is correct. Individual of male and female is mixed in the requirement to sexual love in obtaining a process, pay close attention to those who make the other side gets sexual love adequately also to obtain with contented. So, voluntary move of the gender should be a foundation with sexual love again, it is a mark with marriage. Without sexual obligation, not be voluntary move of the gender, however the voluntary move that common voluntary move; concludes a treaty without marriage, lose the hold together of law and morality, this kind of voluntary move is flimsy, fluky, hard abiding.

(3) , sense of responsibility

Sense of responsibility and compulsory sense are not same. Voluntary move points to the obligation that couple of male and female assumes each other, and the sexual activity that sense of responsibility points to the men and women is bisexual, want to be in charge of each other not only, and still need to be opposite family, responsible to the society. Men and women the sexual activity of two people, thought of two individual pursuit is meant to go up in amative phase, consistent; is loving soulful, signify the union of two each body on the body. Sexual behavior from individual angle the pleasure that is acquired character, and from social angle the extension that is the multiply that treats children, population. So, of the high school student love early, the sexual behavior before teenage marriage, bring be pregnant, the grow in quantity that is not marriage children, it is the expression that lacks sexual sense of responsibility. So, always retain sexual sense of responsibility, be helpful for the control of own sexual behavior, also be helpful for the stability of social order.

(4) , conscience feeling

Conscience feeling is individual morality consciousness is the basiccest adjust a method. In order to adjusts complex below all sorts of moral setting conditions morality relation. The two sexual relationship between the men and women are more complex and changeful, its morality relation must be adjusted more by right of the individual’s conscience. When bisexual relation is in the conflict that resolves hard, if love the new and loathe the old, serious money status, light feeling, conscience feels even if a kind immanent, the moral court in him heart. It can measure its sexual behavior to whether accord with moral requirement, the sexual desire that can dominate oneself is mixed in certain level the extend inside limits, in order to resist love lubricious interest already sexual motive. Well-known Chen Shimei, it is one is in the bisexual relationship that contains complex society setting the person that lacks conscience morality sense. Adolescent is lying amative phase, treat this matter to should want discreet, consideration repeatedly, otherwise, will be condemned by moral. So, if we pay attention to conscience to feel the adjusting control action in bisexual morality, can decrease greatly so maiden first pregnant, only then abandon eventually in disorder reach complain a husband to abandon the phenomenon such as Fu, make sure marriage develops smoothly, oneself lifetime gets happy sexual life.

(5) , envious feeling

Envious feeling is in general morality relation a kind inactive, harmful adjustment method, but in sexual activity, envious feeling has double property or two kinds of envious feeling. One kind is active sexual jealousy, one kind is inactive sexual jealousy. Active sexual jealousy is to point to through proper, opponent of rational competitive means conquer and obtain what what love the opposite sex to approbate harmony with. Inactive sexual jealousy is to take all sorts of incorrect steps, through blow, calumniatory, cruelly kill the competitor’s practice will come true. Our view is in bisexual life practice, in the process of love and union, should have proper active and envious feeling. Active envious feeling can make male and female couple concerns to deepen direction to develop, make love hold together is in individual, between two specific opposite sexes, cannot have other a third party quite insert. If has the insertion of any a third party, can bring about among them the generation of an intense and envious heart, this kind of envious heart can be made take action in order to safeguard oneself love. So, active envious feeling is the staff guage that measures love, love more greatly, jealousy also must be jumped over deep. If discover the opposite sex that oneself love to place loses envious sense, that is meant to him (she) love to also disappear.

(6) , moral sense

A variety of elements such as the belief that shows showing moral sense and individual in bisexual relation, pursuit and the understanding to happiness are concerned. Different social level the moral sense of people is not same also. A serial caricature draws very meaningly: Primitive society mankind uses human body of cover of leaf, flix only, to the feudal society criterion fat cover of garment wide pants is not had unoccupied place, can wear knickers short covering again later, down to develops bikini at 3 o’clock type, restore primitive rate again from bare degree, and the morality of people asks basically to also give respectively admit. Additional, the custom of different people, different country, different area is used to, can make the sexual morality of people feels somewhat different, for example some nations allow the sex before marriage to open, some nations allow “ to try marriage ” , some ethical popularity “ grab marriage ” . Besides, the rate of moral character training of a person, whether to have sexology knowledge, even religious belief is concerned with sexual morality sense.

(7) , chaste feeling

There is some of adolescent to take apolaustic attitude to sexual behavior in the society, besides afore-mentioned a certain number of adjustment of the method be short of the adjustment with there still is one to plant important outside be like method, feel chastely namely. Mention chaste, we can think of feudal society the Confucian or feudal ethical code to be mixed to feminine depression manacle, alleged “ starved to death issue is small, big ” of be disloyal thing, it is the requirement with old chaste to the woman society, its indicate is the burst with Hymen is a mark. Say commonly, the woman takes her seriously chastely more, chaste feeling becomes the gender the woman’s highest morality asks basically. Contemporary the chaste feeling of some women is reduced somewhat, ignore completely even, the confused situation that causes sex of ” of “ sex freedom, “ to liberate ” as a result. In the meantime, chaste feeling cannot be aimed at a woman only quite, have chaste case likewise to the man. Some him men can chaos of mess things up is done, chaste ” of “ of strict to the sweetheart however requirement, this is actual it is a woman what should do oneself is vassal with the tool, be without morality but character. In process of our adolescent love, chaste feeling it is quite important that this kind of morality adjusts a method, if lose chaste sense, no matter be the man or woman, be sure to feed its a bitter pill to swallow oneself in the future, regret end and. Be without the mem and women that chaste feeling restrains as to some, their behavior brought the mutation overbalance of the disorder that social couple concerns and sexual behavior, it is very immoral.

The gender explores: Sexual morality is an extensive meaning, unlock this meaning ability is more clear have sufficient knowledge to sexual love, we should know the viewpoint of value of specific sexual love.

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