Enhance way of 3 kinds of of sex ability gem gal. Gem gal also can enhance the flexibility of the body, the tall difficulty that cannot finish ordinary person place quite so makes love movement, the movement that divides leg and bestride can help the insertion with Y deeper bine. A few movements that another advantage of exercise gem gal is gem gal promoted blood to flow to the pelvis to go out, make this place more sensitive, also can enhance sexual desire.

Gem gal exercised the muscle that the pelvis is in, make the place can contract strongly, make orgasm becomes more intense. Exercise gem gal still can make your heart inspiration knows force to increase, not only can sufficient him understanding, return the think of a way that can feel the husband and need.

Enhance way of 3 kinds of of sex ability gem gal. Can 3 simple movements enhance you under the attemptSexual loveDesire:

1, butterfly type

Sitting, bipod sole is mutual and shut, want two tactics photograph to close in whole exercise course, holding toe needle in the arms to fold in order to maintain bipod. Close stage by stage add up to bipod calcaneal, move as far as possible crotch of nearly two legs. The body is forward bend, use two ancon to push double genu to the ground at the same time. Maintain this pose, insist to do 10 to 20 deep breathing.

2, go up canine type

Fu lies, double leg backward after extend toe is pointed to continuously. Curve ancon joint, put the both hands that stretchs the palm on the floor of lumbar side, finger points to ahead. Your antebrachium and floor ground are relatively perpendicular. Hold to 8 to 12 deep breathing.

3, camel type

Fall on one’s knees, crus makes the same score ground, knee is opened to hip breadth, baseboard day day. Ham and trunk are become all the time line, become 90 degrees of part with the ground. Both hands is put in basin bone upper part, tiger’s mouth-jaws of death is gadarene, finger photograph is touched protect the waist, elbow is inflectional, erect waist is carried on the back, humeral arm and elbow face are rearward. Hold to 10-20 second deep breathing.

Enhance way of 3 kinds of of sex ability gem gal. Gem gal is to help his exercise, one of best method that reduce weight, but actually particularly much person however ignored, actually gem gal takes exercise, also can enhance function power effectively, and this kind of method, far use remedy of health care of a few sexes than you, more safe, so everybody must be paid attention to, of these method apply.

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