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The commonnest the place to balata is office place or the place such as hotel old hall, the leaf of balata is very wide, the balata leaf after be brought up is very deep purple, there still is a very apparent revolutionary sequence of thought among leaf. We had heard it is OK to have a few plants effective adsorptive formaldehyde, the building that lets us live thereby becomes more healthy. That balata can purify formaldehyde?

Balata is a kind of very famous potted plant that observe a part of a historical period, its leaf color is fresh and green, tender Xie Cheng reveals red, when stipule splits, provide be like Gong Ying to hang down general and special good-looking, because this views and admire a gender very tall, does besides watching Xie Zhi balata remove formaldehyde? What do the action of balata and effect have? Look together.

Balata except formaldehyde

 Does balata remove formaldehyde

The petiolar top of balata can have gland system, it has the effect of adsorptive dust, so does balata remove formaldehyde? The answer is OK. It can absorb the dirt in air, also can purify the formaldehyde in organic matter, still can absorb carbon dioxide, fluorine to change hydrogen to wait a moment, its absorb the effect with formaldehyde ability more careless than copper cash can and effect.

The action of balata is mixed effect

 Does balata remove formaldehyde

1, view and admire action

The leaf fleshy of balata and wide, major leaf shows fresh and green thick green, and topmost tender leaf is gules, look with respect to the Yun Duo as red general, if conserve is proper OK all the year round evergreen, it is one of common plants that observe a part of a historical period.

Although balata is the arbor that Sang Kerong belongs to, its breed is very much nevertheless, medium or small plant can be put in sitting room, study, large plant can be put in old hall vestibular perhaps, already OK and grand grand, OK also and cabinet do not have charm, can say to view and admire value very tall.

2, purify air

 Does balata remove formaldehyde

Balata besides have the effect that absorbs formaldehyde beyond, it still can purify a variety of harmful substance in air, for instance indoor somebody smokes, the dirt in the home is more etc, balata assimilates these harmful to the person substance can effectively, improve the air quality all round.

3, beautification household

In the action of balata and effect, it still has the effect that beautification lives in, in the sitting room it can wait collocation a moment to rise with ark of sofa, TV, let a sitting room be full of green; in the study it can make atmosphere more relaxed, improve the study of people and work efficiency thereby.

4, help advance somebody’s career value

In the process that breeds balata, very floriferous friend is to experience cultivated fun, this is like people to raise pet similar, water through giving balata, fertilization, conserve management is waited a moment, look at it to grow figuration from seedling, this is it help advance somebody’s career value.

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