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These two kinds of food have ormosia and the seed of Job’s tears similar effect, and if in rising, the medical effect them closes, can achieve better result. When so a lot of people are eating the seed of Job’s tears, be to add a few ormosia one case edible, but the sort of ormosia has two kinds however, among them one kind eats, and because measurement is different,two kinds of breed are, the name is so different also. So when boiling congee of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears, be good with red bean or is bare red bean good?

Ormosia the seed of Job's tears is ormosia or bare red bean

Summer dispel wet the right season or time Let what the person causes disease have ” wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire ” 6 great evil influence, among them ” wet ” permeate the most easily, the most troublesome. And summer, occupied 5. See you have? When the morning gets up, ① feels fatigue everyday, dazed, bloodless, or it is to resembled wearing a wet dress same, all over clouding, the person also is disinclined move… ② defecate does not become form or constipation.  The color of ③ defecate is paly stick sluggish, jalf congealed is soft won’t do form, always have the feeling of an ungodliness.  Damp sticks sluggish, the intestines and stomach that envisages you sticks sluggish, constellation stays inside body, toxin is undertaken 2 times absorption by your body.  It is this only merely 2 ” inferior healthy ” condition, go down for a long time, can bring about memory to drop, long blain of gas anaemia empty, long spot, complexion sends Huang Fa dark, become fat · · · Because of damp sick person, it is damp is weighed not merely, form Shi Xie however, special cure hard. Dispel is wet the method with 4 blames wet dispel is very much, moxibustion, unplug coal tub, motion, but the commonnest still is dietotherapy, and what dispel to eat wet best? A lot of people like to say ” congee of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears ” .  

Ormosia the seed of Job's tears is ormosia or bare red bean

One, ormosia is wrong What the ormosia in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points to is bare red bean, from effect for, ormosia raises a heart, dispel of bare red bean is wet; From appearance for, ormosia is rounder, bare red bean is long and thin.    

2, the seed of Job’s tears became wrong dispel of the seed of Job’s tears is wet although good, but the gender is cold, boil directly will eat, meeting injury is lienal, lienal be to be in charge of carry changing damp, lienal injury, damp more do not volatilize to go out, think dispel is wet more wetter instead.

Ormosia the seed of Job's tears is ormosia or bare red bean

 3, the way that boil became wrong benevolence of bare red bean, the seed of Job’s tears is boiled very hard sodden, after had better using Wen Shui to immerse two hours, boil again, otherwise nutrient part is hard come out, immerse without time, also can boil half hours more. 4, " smooth dispel is wet not be good at lienal " wrong " the classics inside Huang Di " had told lienal with damp it is to had been been opposite base friendly, because ” lienal advocate carry is changed ” , lienal empty, damp will be aggravating, damp can bring about lienal empty again again, want dispel so wet, still need be good at lienal. In 4 blames, at 4 o’clock especially important! Why is some of person drank congee of ormosia the seed of Job’s tears still wettish?

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