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Because this kind of food does fine dried noodles to go to the lavatory exceedingly, so a lot of people often eat fine dried noodles, but a few antiseptic also can be added inside fine dried noodles, often eat to also can have certain harm to human body so, have the patient of a few hypertension even, took the case that blood pressure still can appear to lift after fine dried noodles, when so we are eating fine dried noodles, must make a vegetable stew in soy sauce child, so what to often eat fine dried noodles to have to endanger?

Often eat fine dried noodles to have what harm

Can fine dried noodles let you suffer from on hypertensive?

Probably you do not know, the sodium chloride that fine dried noodles produces an enterprise to connect the meeting below general reason condition to add certain amount in fine dried noodles (namely salt) with sodium carbonate (edible is alkaline) the muscle that will raise fine dried noodles is spent and extend a gender, the affiliation of sodium chloride can raise the white bright rate of the exterior color of fine dried noodles, still be helpful for thoroughlying cook time to shorten equivalent fruit, and be saved to fine dried noodles also rise to

Particular function.

So every 100g can be as high as the content of the natrium in individual product 1200mg, conversion is made an appointment with into the content of salt is 3g salt, mere a small fine dried noodles let us absorb a country to suggest each everyday the half of salt intake (the proposal is normal person everyday salt intake does not exceed 6g) . And after this still does not calculate most person to boil good noodle even extenuatory join the dressing such as salt.

Often edible this kind of fine dried noodles, accumulate over a long period, “Fine dried noodles can let you suffer from on hypertensive ” it is extremely possible.

When suggesting everybody buys fine dried noodles at the same time, choose to was not added as far as possible ” sodium carbonate ” product. Join edible alkaline although have the effect that improves quality of fine dried noodles, but destroy the nutriment in wheaten goods however at the same time, cause nutrient value to reduce.

“Nutrition ” does fine dried noodles rely on chart?

Often eat fine dried noodles to have what harm

The breed of fine dried noodles previously is drab, the fine dried noodles with medium now supermarket is varied however, what more higher-priced fine dried noodles hit is nutrient card.

The have everything that one expects to find such as fine dried noodles of aggrandizement of nutriment of fine dried noodles of vegetable fine dried noodles, egg fine dried noodles, food grains other than wheat and rice, low candy fine dried noodles,

Of the ballyhoo of personnel of elephantine sales promotion with this kind of true fine dried noodles in that way ” tall nutrition ” ?

Label of scrutiny fine dried noodles, the accretion of pink of its egg, vegetable juice, coarse food grain is measured after all geometry finds a trace hard. In view of at present the country did not consolidate a regulation, each manufacturer can

With the scale content of burden of self-ordained fine dried noodles, how many does specific nutrition have, was afraid to understand in businessman heart only. A few small mill are the color that adds lubricious always to pretend to be egg, vegetable, food grains other than wheat and rice more, come with essence feeling of copy rising head puzzles consumer, what this kind of fine dried noodles can give long-term edible us undoubtedly is healthy cause undesirable effect.

Egg fine dried noodles

Egg fine dried noodles is the category with the largest sales volume in fine dried noodles of numerous design and color.

Bright egg makes egg fine dried noodles, process requirement is strict, have a bit cause peculiar smell, metamorphism possibly to wait carelessly. Complain extremely likely in the generation in selling a process.

Became the first selection that hangs manufacturing manufacturer mostly in order to add yoke pink.

Often eat fine dried noodles to have what harm

Yoke pink is to pass many working procedure hind egg fluid dry the process that becomes pink, save more easily carry etc, but the nutrient composition in egg of meeting loss share.

If did not make clear line out,the egg adds a capacity, its add a quantity to be in mostly 5%-8% , won’t exceed 10% at most. Because add an egg to be able to cause noodle mouthfeel too much excellent the phenomenon that waits for influence mouthfeel arises, because this businessman also won’t add egg part too much.

Egg face is not to fizzle out better more, the likelihood in too yellow fine dried noodles adds somebody labour pigment.

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