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When the person is having a meal everyday should element of meat or fish is tie-in, because only so tie-in move has a meal, the nutrition with the body quite enough complement that just can let oneself. Not be to be aimed at pregnant woman for, should complement more the nutrient albumen inside him body, eat a few flesh to go in more, because there is very rich protein in most fleshy products, remove very good nutrition to complement to use quite to the body physical ability of pregnant woman. So the flesh about pregnant woman kind what does cookbook have?

Pregnant woman flesh kind cookbook

The flesh that what appropriate pregnant woman has to eat kind?


Pork can supply high grade protein and indispensible fatty acid. Pork can provide blood red element and the sick at heart of half Guang ammonia that stimulative iron absorbs, can improve anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

Recommend recipe: Egg roll flesh

Preparation feeds capable person: Egg 300 grams, pig rib flesh (steaky pork) 250 grams, green Chinese onion 5 grams, the plant is oily 15 grams, liquor 5 grams, soy 5 grams, salt 3 grams, starch (pea) 10 grams

Measure 1: Egg break up, add measure of divide evenly of agitate of a few of form sediment whitening 2: egg liquid with small fire, little oil booth becomes thin egg skin 2 pieces of measure 3: Put the meat in big bowl with dolly, join white soy and wine, salt, broken green, with the chopstick to same agitate reachs a way till the flesh is agglutinant measure 4: Spread egg skin on chopping board, a few on besmear is amylaceous. Good agitate meat wipes smooth half centimeters of large measure makes an appointment with on egg skin 5: The egg skin roll into that will wipe the flesh again circle

Measure 6: Egg roll is put water steam is lain between about 15 minutes to come inside boiler ripe. Egg roll evaporate is ripe take out inclined cut about 1 centimeter thick, the platoon is good become namely in dish


Pregnant woman flesh kind cookbook

The protein content of chicken is quite much, in the flesh, can saying is the flesh with highest protein kind one of, it is to belong to high protein low adipose food.

Recommend recipe: Broth of chicken of tea tree stay of proceedings

Preparation feeds capable person: Tea tree stay of proceedings 30 grams, chicken 600 grams, salt 10 overcome

Measure 1: Slaughter chicken clean, go miscellaneous measure of wool, head, claw and bowel 2: Do water of bubble of tea tree stay of proceedings, abluent measure 3: Chicken scald water reserves measure 4: Tea tree stay of proceedings puts gallinaceous abdomen inside, put bowl inside, add leach to cross chicken, warm water Bao is controlled 2 hours can

Cruelly oppress

Cruelly oppress contains a lot ofthe mineral element such as D of high grade protein, high grade not saturated fatty acid, amino acid, lecithin, vitamin and Potassium, calcic, zinc.

Recommend recipe: Soup of piscine head bean curd

Preparation feeds capable person: Piscine head makes an appointment with 500 grams, tender bean curd 1 times 1, Xianggu mushroom 8, green Chinese onion 3 paragraphs, ginger 3, salt 1 teaspoon, water 1500 milliliter

Measure 1: Wash piscine head clean, from which cleavage, dip in gently with kitchen paper towel the moisture; of surface of dry fish head cuts tender bean curd 1 centimeter of thick chunk; after Xianggu mushroom immerses 30 minutes with Wen Shui, decrease Xianggu mushroom stalk, wash clean reserve measure 2: Enter oil in sticking boiler, when waiting for 7 maturity, put piscine head, with head of fish of general of medium baking temperature double-faced each decoct 3 minutes, decoct arrives appreciably is golden measure 3: Move piscine head the across in boiler, with boiler medium oil explodes sweet green Chinese onion and Jiang Pian measure 4: Feed what do not stick boiler capable person next (green, ginger and piscine head) in pouring a stockpot, the boiled water that enters full amount instantly has done not have piscine head measure 5: Put Xianggu mushroom into the stockpot again, the cap on the lid, stew 50 minutes of or so measure with medium baking temperature 6: Put bean curd finally, join salt, continue to boil 3 minutes can


Pregnant woman flesh kind cookbook

Beef contains a lot ofrich protein, amino acerbity composition is close to human body need more than pork, can increase airframe disease-resistant capacity, conduce grows development.

Recommend recipe: The carrot beef that stew

Preparation feeds capable person: Carrot 300 grams, beef 200 grams, green Chinese onion 15 grams, ginger 15 grams, cooking wine is teaspoon of 10 grams, salt 1/2, pepper 1/2 teaspoon, oily 1 spoon

Measure 1: Wash carrot clean, cut hob piece measure 2: Green Chinese onion is washed clean, cut paragraph, jiang Xi is clean, take out skin, cut Jiang Pian measure 3: Heat up oily boiler, put into green paragraph, Jiang Pian stir-fry before stewing is fried

Measure 4: Enter 1 litre of clear water next, transfer into cooking wine, put beef piece, stew 2 minutes with conflagration, till beef soft sodden measure 5: Put carrot next piece, tone becomes move of medium baking temperature 6: When carrot is boiled soft sodden condition, transfer into salt and pepper measure 7: Mix fry even later, in filling the carrot beef that stew the bowl can

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