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Mention bird’s nest, most person can think of, eat bird’s nest to be able to have the effect of albumen of beautiful Bai Yangyan, compensatory collagen to the female more, it is a kind of first-rate nourishing emperor is tasted, suit the female edible with frail constitution especially. Actually bird’s nest is a kind of application is very wide feed capable person, having distinct effect to different crowd, it is the food that a kind of crowd that suits administrative levels of a lot of ages chooses. So much eat bird’s nest what to profit have to the man?

Bird's nest has what profit to the man

1, hairdressing is raised colour

Male skin has with the female character very big different. The androgen stimulates leather fat to secrete, sebaceous glands and sweat gland are bigger, facial grow beard. It is oily and easy that the skin slants fat, acidity is taller than the female, excretive skin fat and sweat juice are more than the female also. Accordingly, maintain cutaneous moisture and Gan Shuang to appear particularly important. The collagen protein component in bird’s nest, conduce to compensatory moisture and promotion man cutaneous store water ability, control excess oil at the same time, your skin maintains Gan Shuang. In addition, the fingernail of the man that the collagen protein component in bird’s nest still can make becomes stronger pliable but strong, the hair grows more shockly, joint also is compared before more mobile freely.

2, purify lung dry

The man lung of a lot of smoking is not clear, the place in bird’s nest contains some polysaccharide antibody vitamins, can enhance immune function, long-term edible bird’s nest, OK and moist lung. Can say, bird’s nest is the good choice of dry of smoke of smoking man purify. Eat bird’s nest to be able to make person skin smooth, bouncy more with burnish, reduce male wrinkle thereby. Say according to having a few men of bird’s nest, had taken the bird’s nest of 23 months, feel lung is relaxed and comfortable apparently namely, and the skin is a lot of better. Approbate above medicine have method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to raise colour, relieve a cough control the officinal value such as gas of beneficial of asthma, filling kidney.

3, regain energy

Many men work busy or stay up late in the evening work overtime, easy and fatigue, immune force is reduced. Take some of bird’s nest appropriately at that time, be helpful for men regaining energy, enhance body strength.

4, improve skin to pledge

The rich and active albumen in bird’s nest and collagen albumen can improve the man’s skin, enhance skin flexibility, allow men spirit is hale and hearty, all show self-confident glamour.

5, splanchnic organ

Bird’s nest can assist splanchnic organ to nutrition complements and move, prevent a disease effectively. Reduce the insalubrious factor such as cholesterol.

Bird's nest has what profit to the man

6, respiratory system

Man dinner party is more, smoking, drink, can make the loss of didymous respiratory system for a long time so. Increase actuating pressure big, mental insecurity, Morpheus is insufficient, the body can is in inferior health. Bird’s nest has good filling kidney to the man strong lung, avoid the effect such as empty caustic, especially to those ” old stem ” for, bird’s nest is rare ” wash lung ” , embellish lung beautiful is tasted.

The man takes the note of bird’s nest

1, During general edible bird’s nest eat acrimony and fat food less, because bird’s nest contains more protein, when taking bird’s nest accordingly, also want to have acidity thing less, want to avoid to eat at the same time at least.

2, Little perhaps smoking does not smoke when taking bird’s nest, should avoid at the same time secondhand smoke.

3, Eat bird’s nest to want to avoid to drink tea at the same time, because tea acid is contained inside tea, can destroy the nutrition of bird’s nest, had better separate 1 hour to be drunk again.

4, Eat bird’s nest to pay attention to eat much food less, keep fixed take food, dry bird’s nest every time 3 ~ 5 grams, feed bird’s nest namely every time 30 grams control 20 ~ , want hollow edible, perhaps lie between a day everyday, hollow in the morning or it is to be faced in the evening before sleeping hollow eat best.

5, To taking the friend of aspirin allergy, the proposal does not take bird’s nest.

Bird's nest has what profit to the man

6, When taking other medicaments, no matter be medicine of Chinese and Western, bird’s nest can take during, just want to avoid to eat at the same time, want to separate 9 hours commonly.

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