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Song Rong and Ji Songrong are commonner edible mushroom, they go up in the exterior, in nutrient value respect, distinction is bigger, it cannot say which is better to cannot say which, the side focal point that can say them only is different, have very good health care body and the effect that prevent a disease, their configuration feature distinction is bigger, additionally unripe chief condition also is different, are Song Rong and female singer loose in light of us what does the distinction of fine and soft have?

The distinction of Song Rong and Ji Songrong

The distinction of Ji Songrong and Song Rong

1. configuration feature is distinguished

The distinction of Ji Songrong and loose fine and soft basically is reflected in appearance exterior respect, ji Songrong is hypostatic and brawny, the diameter is controlled in 10 centimeters about, long resemble resembling a steamed bread same, color is fleshy white. Appearance appearance of Song Rong resembles an umbrella, the exterior is so brawny without Ji Songrong, the diameter is very small, have 1-2cm left and right sides only about, so everybody can be in exterior respect distinguishs directly Ji Songrong and Song Rong.

The distinction of Song Rong and Ji Songrong

2. gives birth to chief condition to distinguish

The unripe chief condition of Ji Songrong and loose fine and soft also has very big distinction, unripe chief condition of Ji Songrong needs sun normally, moisture and ventilated this at 3 o’clock condition, in such environment female singer loosens of fine and soft grow can absorb very tall nutrition, conduce to promote grow individually. Song Rong and Ji Songrong differ completely, song Rong needs to grow together with tree in virgin forest, lean on the tree, the nutrient component that just can absorb place of loose fine and soft need, and of Song Rong grow the demand to fountainhead is very tall.

3. nutrition value is different

Value also has the nutrition of Ji Songrong and loose fine and soft to differ significantly, song Rong’s price wants prep above Ji Songrong apparently for photograph comparing. Loose fine and soft of edible female singer can achieve a very good result that increases immune power, reduce oneself to appear the odds of a variety of disease problems, also can achieve a very good effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer at the same time. And the goal that everybody can achieve an antagonism tumour in daily edible Song Rong, let cancer cell breed dispersedly no longer, so these two kinds feed the effect that material can achieve a precaution, one can have cured effect. Both is to have what differ significantly to the effect of human body.

The distinction of Song Rong and Ji Songrong

4. edible flavour is different

Ji Songrong and loose fine and soft are two kinds feed capable person, but both is having remarkable distinction on edible mouthfeel. Everybody is in daily OK edible Ji Songrong, can treat as meal edible. Ji Songrong flavour is sufferred from quite, but nutrient value is very high. Song Rong is to be used at medicinal material edible mostly, flavour faint scent, entrance pleasant is sweet, do not spend authority in daily edible Ji Songrong’s frequency wants Song Rong of apparent prep above.

Most propbably the distinction of loose to female singer now fine and soft and Song Rong behaved everybody to had had a more clear understanding and knowledge, of above introduction distinguished at 4 o’clock basically include the biggest distinction of gallinaceous Song Rong and Song Rong, if not be particularly major disease,everybody was not necessary to buy Song Rong, because Song Rong’s price is very costly. Friend of the old people in the proposal’s OK and proper use a few loose fine and soft, a variety of diseases that OK and effective cure oneself appears, in daily edible Ji Songrong can achieve the effect of a very good nutrition health care.

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