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The poached eggs procedure that make is very simple, a lot of people choose poached eggs when have breakfast, but among the process in the poached eggs that make, we always can discover the egg has broken figure very bad to look. Although we are to eat, but if appearance can be made more perfect, OK and promotional our appetite, let us enjoy the fun of cate, raise a good humor. So, how doesn’t poached eggs come loose?

 How doesn't pouch egg come loose

, cooking

[burden] : Advocate makings bright egg 1. A few of complementary makings vinegar.

[characteristic] : This egg is soft, digest easily, contain rich protein, adipose, contain mix except the almost all and other vitamin beyond vitamin C mineral. The protein of the egg and human body protein are comprised very close, it is value of the physiology in all food protein is highest. It is the protein food with most good baby. In making, do not add salt, salt will be cloggy egg white is caky.

 How doesn't pouch egg come loose

[operate] : ① will add 250 grams water inside pannikin, enter vinegar, heat water. Enter egg knock inside a cup.

After ② waits for water to leave, make boiled water keeps ajar and not quite when rolling, enter the egg water slowly inside, boil when to egg white caky, yoke shows jalf congealed to fizzle out, scoop up pannikin inside, a bit air can be fed feed.

[nutrient value] : Protein: The egg contains rich high grade protein, egg of every 100 grams contains 12.7 grams protein, what the protein that two eggs place contains is equivalent to 150 grams fish or lean lean roughly is protein.

2, if seek aesthetic perception, requirement poached eggs not burst, be about to notice the following:

Have two kinds of methods are not broken

One kind is to waited for water to leave, involve fire the smallest, make surface quiet do not roll, lay the egg next;

Another kind of method is heat water, lay the egg in a small bowl that installed cold water, fall into boiler next.

 How doesn't pouch egg come loose

Pannikin deep water, after letting an egg go down as far as possible, do not contact with boiler bottom, make the same score bottom shovel to depart the egg that just went down and boiler bottom even otherwise, can make yoke albumen is wrapped more closely so; When still have even if putting an egg to go in, make rolling level static come down, can avoid an egg break up that just left boiler so.

One, the egg should choose fresh.

2, boiler had better be iron pledges.

3, the caution after water leaves gently knock egg enters boiler, when waiting for albumen to wrap yoke, the shovel that average a copy breaks up gently.

4, duration of individual of old tender according to.

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